Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

The Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, Te Kura Pūkaha Pūrere boasts a project-intensive curriculum that prepares you for the challenges of designing and manufacturing advanced products and services for the 21st century.

Design, develop, install, operate and maintain the systems that shape modern society.

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Focus on the design, intelligence, control and programming of smart devices, robots, and intelligent systems.

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We're leading the way and contributing to both industry and academia in areas such as composite materials, Industry 4.0, yacht design, and more.

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Dr Lu’s mobile cobot is designed to work as an assistant or as part of a team with human workers.

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Find out how Professor Olaf Diegel and his collaborators at the CDAM lab are tackling COVID-19 with Additive Manufacturing.

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We're the first in Aotearoa to offer dedicated postgraduate programmes in Aerospace Engineering.

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We offer two undergraduate specialisations and several postgraduate programmes.

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Find out what it's like to study Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, and what our students are doing after graduation.

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Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Auckland

Find out more about what we do and the opportunities that Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering will open for you.

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