Strategic vision and plan

Read about the Faculty of Engineering’s strategic goals for the future.

Our vision

Our faculty’s vision for the future is based on learning and research excellence, producing graduates who are well-equipped to play leading roles in society.

The Faculty of Engineering Strategic Plan sets out the vision for our faculty. This is for us to be recognised unequivocally as one of the world's leading engineering schools for the quality of both its teaching and research. To achieve this, we’ve set three major strategic goals, which will be carried out via a number of targeted objectives.

Our faculty's strategic goals

  • Attract an increasing number of highly qualified undergraduate students to study in the faculty and provide degree programmes that prepare graduates for a leadership role in the engineering profession or other chosen profession
  • Increase the number of postgraduate students studying in the faculty and provide research training (leading to ME and PhD degrees) that prepares graduates for careers in research or engineering practice
  • Increase research funding to the faculty to facilitate an increase in internationally competitive research in and across a wide range of engineering and related disciplines, that results in publications in leading international journals and international patents