Internship opportunities in Taiwan

5 September 2018

The Faculty of Engineering has recently partnered with engineering colleges at National Tsing Hua University, National Chung Cheng University and National Formosa University in Taiwan to offer you some great summer internship opportunities.

These internships will proceed throughout the 2018-2019 summer break and cover exciting research topics, such as: AI, smart materials, 3D printing, smart manufacturing systems, Industry 4.0, Cyber-Physical Systems and more.

If you are a Part II, III or IV student interested in postgraduate study, these research internships will be a great opportunity to be supervised by world-leading experts on their respective research topics.

The internship will cover the cost of accommodation and living expenses in Taiwan, as well as offer some financial support for travel. This can also be counted as part of your Practical Work experience.

Applications are open from 10 September to 1 October 2018.

Find out more about the individual offers at each university on the application form.

Guidelines for students travelling overseas

Further information and risk advice are available to students who are considering overseas travel for University activities on our policies and guidelines page.