Software Engineering Processes, Tools and Applications (SEPTA)

Our research topics cover a broad spectrum of software engineering, ranging from Agile and Lean Software Development and Empirical Software Engineering to multi-touch and mobile applications development.

Our research

We cover many broad areas in software engineering – from the technical areas such as multi-touch and mobile applications development to Agile and Lean Software Development and empirical software engineering.

We aim to work in close collaboration with software companies, practitioners, and government agencies to understand the challenges facing software engineers and to develop theories, explanations, tools and applications to inform practice.

Research themes

  1. Agile and Lean Software Development
  2. Empirical software engineering
  3. Interactive and touch-based software applications development
  4. Mobile applications development
  5. Multi-core applications development


Many of our topics are suited for Part IV, summer studentships, Masters, and PhD projects. Topics within themes 2 and 5 are particularly suited to thesis-based research projects (masters/PhDs).

We welcome researchers and industry partners (private and government) interested in research collaborations with SEPTA. For more information, you can visit the SEPTA Wiki, or contact Dr Rashina Hoda. 

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