Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering

Meet engineers taking their academic career to the highest level by pursuing a multi-year programme to create original research.

Kevin Walsh, PhD in Civil Engineering

“My thesis focuses on advancing seismic assessment techniques for unreinforced masonry and early reinforced concrete building construction in New Zealand.

“I chose to study at the University of Auckland because of its world-renowned expertise in earthquake engineering. The University’s faculty, facilities, financial and academic support systems, and proximity to world-class urban and natural attractions were also a factor in my decision.

“I have the opportunity to intern at the Auckland Council where I assist in the assessment of council-owned buildings for seismic vulnerability and prioritise these buildings for retrofit. This opportunity allows me to work with a wide range of people in different professional capacities, and permits me to implement my research findings into a real-world scenario straight away.”

Irina Boiarkina, PhD in Chemical and Materials Engineering

“I chose the University of Auckland for postgraduate study because while I enjoyed working in industry, I wanted to do more in-depth study. I had also worked with my PhD supervisor previously, and I knew that having the right supervisor is very important.

“My PhD supervisor was always interested in my research and progress, which was a good motivator. He was also quick at helping resolve issues, at both administrative and research levels, which made it much easier to advance my research. In general, the whole Chemical and Materials Engineering Department was very supportive, and there was always someone to consult for advice in different areas. The people you work with can really enhance the experience for you.

“A PhD is full-time work, and it wouldn’t have been possible for me to do it without monetary support from the University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship. Since finishing my PhD, I’ve been working as a post-doc, albeit in a different area. However, the wider skills that I gained in analysis, experimentation and modelling have all translated into the different topic seamlessly.”

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