Master of Energy

From offshore oil rigs to geothermal landscapes, meet the students dedicated to powering the globe sustainably and efficiently.

Sylvania Marchellina Suhartono

"I used to work as a Field Engineer for Schlumberger, a Cementing Technical Engineer for Total E&P, Chevron Pacific Indonesia and Pertamina. I was assigned to Malaysia for over two years before moving back to my home country, Indonesia. I was working in the field on and off-shore 24/7, managing clients and supervising people. Being the only girl on the rig was not a big deal for me!

"One of the biggest decisions in my life was deciding whether I should pursue a higher degree or stay in my comfort zone. Continuing into a masters degree was the right one in spite of the challenges, as I realise that I still have contributions to make to my field.

"I realise that fossil energies are going to run out soon, followed by the decrease of oil stock worldwide. Studies in renewable energy are amongst the most necessary topics in the world. I’m being taught by expert lecturers and recognised renewable energy practitioners, and my knowledge will benefit my country, especially since there is currently a lack of experts in Geothermal Energy Technology there."

Yuris Ramadhan

“The University of Auckland offers an amazing student experience. It also ranks in the world’s top 50 universities, so there really is no reason why you won’t be learning in here! The facilities here made it really easy to study – from the wide access to journals and databases, to unlimited streaming of lectures and tutorials. Our class interactions were great and the students and lecturers are always open to helping each other.

“New Zealand is known for being a leader in geothermal energy, and the University has recognisable, experienced lecturers. Both my professional and personal life will be improved upon graduation; the exposure to international students and lecturers with professional expertise will help me strive for higher standards in industry later.

"I got a scholarship from MFAT's New Zealand Aid Programme, which allowed to focus on study without thinking too much about course-related expenses. 

“I love the New Zealand landscape. I have been traveling around here when I have downtime and have never been bored! I’ve also had the opportunity to manage the Indonesian Student Association under the AUSA, and got to promote our culture, giving me more experience in a student organisation."