Master of Engineering Management

Discover how students are pairing engineering and business development to become commercially capable leaders.

Simon Mittermeier

Simon Mittermeier in a meeting
Simon Mittermeier (third from the left)

“Many of the University's postgraduate courses are tailored to cater for working professionals, which is great: my undergraduate Engineering degree was a good foundation for the technical aspects of an engineering career, but I soon realised I wanted to learn a lot more about how engineering fits into the wider business environment.

“The Master of Engineering Management is a great programme for this. It offers many electives beyond traditional engineering: marketing, operations management, accounting and project management. I especially enjoyed classroom and group discussions with other students. Many were working professionals – I learnt a lot about how the course content applied to their industries. It was great to observe how other businesses approach the same problems.

“I love working in the medical device industry. Developing products that make a genuine difference in people’s lives brings me great satisfaction. Some of our best days at work are when we get positive feedback from patients and get to see how our designs have helped them. A big reason I did engineering was the tangible nature of it – we can design and create things that make a real difference.”

Kajal Lachhani

"I am currently working as a software developer in a software engineering firm. My undergraduate experience here was great – it was practical and we learned about the latest technologies, and postgraduate study was very applicable to my current job.

"I made a decision to do postgraduate study because I wanted to accelerate my career path towards management, to continue gaining industry experience, and because I love being a part of the software industry, but wanted to be more involved in the business side of IT.

The Master in Engineering Management gave me the right edge for those purposes. I developed an understanding of business and commerce, accounting, marketing and management. This degree has given me an acceleration path for my career and I still continue to apply the principles that I discovered in the programme in my day to day operations."