Undergraduate students

Meet our BE(Hons) students, learn about their specialisations and find out what it’s like to study at NZ’s leading engineering faculty.

Engineering Science boasts tight-knit cohorts involved in the versatile applications of mathematical modelling, from energy to high-value materials.

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Materials science and process engineering collide to create a single Engineering specialisation unique to New Zealand.

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Learn about how Electrical and Electronic Engineering is vital to the understanding of our past, present, and future technologies.

Smart problem-solving

Computer Systems Engineering exists within the intersection between electrical hardware and software, producing high-performance technologies.

Coding the real world

Civil Engineering students engage in areas beyond construction – the science of resilience and sustainability counts too.

Building our futures

Our Software Engineering students aren’t just coders – with project management skills, they’re ready to take on our global technology giants.

Step on up

Mechatronics Engineering is versatile, and students dabble in the subfields of many other specialisations to create a variety of products.

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Mechanical Engineering students are heavily involved in the design processes that are rewarding with their visible, tangible builds.

Making it work