Computer Systems Engineering

See how Forest’s software for a robot arm allowed him to collaborate with researchers in Japan.

Forest Fraser

“Computer Systems Engineering is an intersection between Electrical and Software Engineering, so we cover a wide range of topics. I feel this helped me quickly learn new and unfamiliar skills, and to define the specific areas I’d like to work in when I finish University.

“My courses provided a hands-on approach to learning. You could often see the impact of your code in the real world, like making an LED blink, or programming a robot to turn.

“I really enjoyed working on my Part IV project, a vision control system for a lightweight inflatable robot arm. It involved building the whole system so we had a lot of control over the project and got to make and evaluate many different design options. I had the opportunity to travel to a university in Japan to complete the project. It was a great experience – I learned a lot, not only about my project, but also about their student culture and environment.

“While group projects are interesting in themselves, I like working with friends and making new ones. This just makes studying at University more fun!”