Mechanical Engineering

Read how Claire is combining sports, study and student culture into a tertiary experience full of endless possibilities.

Claire Wang

“I love learning about the world we live in and how things work. It’s the simplest way to say what I enjoy about studying Mechanical Engineering – discovering how to get from the start of something with some manufactured parts to a system that works together to complete a function. Engineering offers many possibilities, and doing a conjoint degree opens up even more options for me.

“Undoubtedly, the student culture is the absolute best. Because of the degree structure, you become very well acquainted with your peers who also study Engineering in the first semester of your first year. I’m surrounded by students who not only are extremely hardworking and have astounding ambitions and aspirations, but are some of the most fun people I know. Everyone is also going through something similar which bonds you together as a student body.

“Engineering also performs extremely well in the Interfaculty Sports Championship. We won the Colin Maiden Shield for the top sporting faculty at the University, and this adds to the pride felt amongst students. I also like that the faculty has some excellent support systems in place for students – tutoring for your first year, specific support networks for various minority groups, and career advice for finding summer internships.”