Mechatronics Engineering

After attending a concert, Tomas knew that incredible displays are possible with engineering. This is his story.

Tomas Haver

“I’d really love to get into special effects. When I went to see Taylor Swift’s show, part of the stage lifted out and swung around while she was standing on the end of it – five or six metres in the air. I knew an engineer had to be responsible for that!

“Getting into a specialisation is competitive, but the great thing is that engineers are all very supportive of each other. People are very interested in working together rather than working against each other. In terms of lecturers, the passion in what people do is definitely present and that’s what I really enjoy about the faculty.

“When I’m studying, I’ll go to the library or Albert Park; on a sunny day there’s nowhere better to be. Or I might be at the University’s Queerspace, which is a safe physical space for queer people to just hang out. Engineering has the Rainbow Engineering Network which holds regular social meetings to chat about what’s going on.

“I’m also part of the University’s Photographic Society, and that’s really fun. I’m constantly busy, but it’s very rewarding when you know that you’re learning new skills and gaining so much knowledge. An engineering degree can open doors around the world.”

About Mechatronics Engineering