Research interests

There are eight key research interests in our school. Click each staff member's name to find out more about their research and expertise.

Acute clinical care and patient safety

Our research includes a broad mix of projects centred on patient safety and quantifying change in clinical practice. Recent research has focused on issues relating to nursing and health services, medication, wound dressing, emergency care, acute care and quality of care, patient safety and human factors.

Ageing, disability and rehabilitation

Research about health services for older people is used to improve the quality of health service and delivery by having a focus on translational and applied research; assisting primary, community, residential and secondary health sectors in the development and implementation of evidence based services; ensuring the goals and needs of older people and their families/whānau are listened to in the development and implementation of services; providing evidence based education, training and resources for health professionals and others working with older people; taking a collaborative approach toward research and consultancy; encouraging coordination and collaboration between primary, community, secondary and residential care services

Healthy communities and non-infectious diseases

Our community research focuses on public health promotion and primary health care and prevention and management of non-infectious diseases.  

Mental health and addiction

Our research is broadly focused on mental health, addictions and social justice and uses co-production as a model for research. Research themes aim to create improvements to the law, policy and service delivery in mental health and addictions. There is an emphasis on social justice, trauma informed care and co-existing problems including physical health. 

Nurse wellbeing

The Nurse Wellbeing Research Programme works to improve nurse wellbeing and organisational support for nurses.

Palliative care and end of life

The Te Arai Palliative and End of Life Care Research Group is the only bicultural palliative care research group internationally. We have a particular focus on equity and participatory methods.

Teaching and learning

Over the past decade a number of our staff have undertaken research within the School of Nursing that focuses on teaching and learning in nursing and related disciplines.