HealtheX 2011

Oral presentation - Doctoral category winners

Biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences

James McKelvie - First Place
Title: Migration of cultured keratocytes and keratocyte progenitor cells and the potential for cell based corneal transplantation
Department of Ophthalmology
Supervisor: Professor Charles McGhee

Irene Vorontsova - Runner Up
Title: Diabetic cataract ‐ a dysfunction in cell volume regulation?
Department of Optometry and Vision Science
Supervisor: Professor Paul Donaldson

Applied and clinical science

Deborah Harris - First Place
Title: Randomised Trial of Dextrose Gel for Treating Neonatal Hypoglycaemia: the Sugar Babies Study
Liggins Institute
Supervisor: Professor Jane Harding

Michael Jen Jie Chu - Runner Up
Title: Analysis of hepatic mitochondrial function using a percutaneous needle biopsy sample
Department of Surgery
Supervisor: Dr Anthony Phillips

Oral presentation – Non-Doctoral Category Winners

Miriam Koome - First Place
Title: Does dexamethasone increase injury following asphyxia in preterm fetal sheep?
Department of Physiology
Supervisor: Professor Laura Bennett

Jennifer Johnson - Runner Up
Title: The Association between School Climate and Wellbeing among Students of New Zealand Secondary Schools
School of Population Health
Dr Simon Denny  

Poster presentation winners

Rebekah Bower - First Place
Title: Localisation of the amylin 1 receptor components: calcitonin receptor & receptor activity modifying protein 1 (RAMP1) in the circumventricular organs of the human brain
School of Biological Sciences
Supervisor: Dr Deborah Hay

Kathryn Burns - Runner Up
Title: Epigenetic regulation of CYP2C19 expression: a possible mechanism underlying compromised function of this drug metabolising enzyme in cancer patients.
Department of Molecular Medicine and Pathology
Dr Nuala Helsby

Overall Grand Prize Winner

Oral Non-Doctoral Category Winner – Miriam Koome