HealtheX 2012

Oral presentation - Doctoral category winners

Biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences

Alexandra Wallace - First place
Title: Fetal anaemia impairs heart growth and increases indices of cardiovascular risk in adult survivors of intrauterine transfusion
Liggins Institute
Supervisor: Professor Jane Harding

Ankita Umapathy - Runner up
Title: Characterising GSH efflux pathways in the rat lens: evidence for inter-tissue exchange of glutathione
School of Optometry and Vision Science
Supervisor: Dr Julie Lim

Applied and clinical science

Giriraj Singh Shekhawat - First place
Title: Transcranial direct current stimulation (TDCS) intensity and duration effects on tinnitus suppression
Section of Audiology
Supervisor: Dr Grant Searchfield

Derryn Gargiulo - Runner up
Title: Microbial validation of a commercial filter unit: the V-bugs study
Department of Anaesthesiology
Supervisor: Professor Alan Merry

Oral presentation - Non-doctoral category winners

Tom Kai Ming Wang - First place
Title: Isolated aortic valve replacement in over 80 year olds in 2007-2011: Age trends and mortality
School of Medicine
Supervisor: Professor Peter Ruygrok

Zaid Aqrawe - Runner up
Title: The preparation and characterisation of polypyrrole particles for tunable drug delivery
School of Pharmacy
Supervisor: Dr Darren Svirskis

Poster presentation winners

Prutha Redey - First place
Project: Understanding the mechanosensitive response to osmotic loading in cell sub-populations within the nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral disc
Department of Anatomy with Radiology
Supervisor: Dr Susan McGlashan

Junru Song - Runner up
Project: Heterogeneous GABAA receptor localisation in the human amygdala
Department of Anatomy with Radiology, Centre for Brain Research
Supervisor: Dr Henry Waldvogel