HealtheX 2013

Oral presentation - Doctoral category winners

Lucy Goodman - First place
Title: Super resolution imaging of hippocampal synapses
Department of Physiology
Supervisor: Dr Johanna Montgomery

Susan Beier - Runner up
Title: Ex-vivo stented coronary artery hemodynamics using 4D flow measurements and computational flow dynamics (CFD)
Auckland MRI Research Group
Supervisor: Dr Brett Cowan

Michelle Munro - Runner up
Title: T-tubule and junctional protein organisation in JPH2 transgenic mice
Department of Physiology
Supervisor: Associate Professor Christian Soeller

Oral presentation - Non-doctoral category winners

Nathanael Lucas - First place
Title: New Zealand university students’ knowledge of fertility decline in woman via natural pregnancy and IVF
Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Supervisor: Associate Professor Andrew Shelling

Kate Dowson - Runner up
Title: Subsidisation of after-hours care for children under 6: effects of primary care services
Health Systems Section
Supervisor: Dr Tim Tenbensel

Danielle Lee - Runner up
Title: The acute effect of the parkinsonian toxin MPTP on nigral dopaminergic neurons
Department of Physiology
Supervisor: Professor Janusz Lipski

Poster presentation winners

Sarbjot Kaur - First place
Project: The contribution of the extracellular matrix to intracellular calcium handling in rat cardiac trabeculae
Department of Physiology
Supervisor: Dr Marie Ward

Tania Fowke - Runner up
Title: Hyaluronan and perineuronal nets in neuronal development
Department of Physiology
Supervisor: Dr Justin Dean

Shelly Lin - Runner up
Title: The role of P2 receptor signalling in hair cell survival under stress
Department of Physiology
Supervisor: Dr Srdjan Vlajkovic

Exposure participants

Congratulations to the following high-achieving HealtheX participants who represented the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences at the University-wide student conference, Exposure.

Oral presentation

  • Lucy Goodman, supervised by Dr Johanna Montgomery
  • Kate Dowson, supervised by Dr Tim Tenbensel
  • Danielle Lee, supervised by Professor Janusz Lipski
  • Susann Beier, supervised by Dr Brett Cowan
  • Michelle Munro, supervised by Associate Professor Christian Soeller
  • Mohanraj Krishnan, supervised by Associate Professor Andrew Shelling
  • Antonia Verstappen, supervised by Dr Tim Tenbensel
  • Ankita Umapathy, supervised by Dr Julie Lim
  • Ana-Mishel Spiroski, supervised by Associate Professor Frank Bloomfield
  • Sandy Lin, supervised by Professor Jillian Cornish
  • Catherine Han, supervised by Associate Professor Mark McKeage
  • Chi Hsiu-Juei (Ben) Kao, supervised by Professor Lynnette Ferguson
  • Rachael Robson, supervised by Professor Laura Bennet
  • Lily Yu-Li Chang, supervised by Dr Monica Acosta
  • Denis Simonov, supervised by Dr Anthony Phillips
  • Thin Myat Khine, supervised by Dr Sherly Parackal
  • Elizabeth Hammond, supervised by Dr Lynsey Cree
  • Tracey-Lee Dalton, supervised by Professor Matthew Parsons
  • Tiffany Eng, supervised by Dr Stephen Jamieson
  • Nichola Wilson, supervised by Associate Professor Sue (Ngaire) Stott

Poster presentation

  • Sarbjot Kaur, supervised by Dr Marie Ward
  • Jiamei Jing, supervised by Dr Michelle Honey
  • Ching-Yu (Shelly) Lin, supervised by Dr Srdjan Vlajkovic
  • Carol Greene, supervised by Dr Shaheen Shah
  • Emma Horsfield, supervised by Associate Professor Janie Sheridan
  • Sheena Gow, supervised by Associate Professor Robyn Dixon
  • Tzu-Ying Yu, supervised by Associate Professor Robert Jacobs
  • Victoria Low, supervised by Dr Maurice Curtis
  • Pavani Wijewardene, supervised by Dr Lynsey Cree
  • Jia Wei, supervised by Dr Larry Chamley
  • Kathryn Burns, supervised by Dr Nuala Helsby
  • Isabella Cheung, supervised by Professor Charles McGhee
  • Wei-Tzu (Angel) Chang, supervised by Associate Professor Andrew Shelling
  • Vandre Figueiredo, supervised by Professor David Cameron-Smith
  • Hao Chang, supervised by Dr Srdjan Vlajkovic
  • Kyle De Rozario, supervised by Associate Professor Andrew Shelling