HealtheX 2014

Oral presentation - Doctoral category winners

Mohanraj Krishnan - First Place - AMRF Emerging Researcher Award
Title: Investigating obesity-related gene variants in New Zealand children
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Supervisor: Professor Andrew Shelling

Lennex Yu - Runner up
Title: Suitability of a Murine Chondrocyte Cell Line as a Model of Chronic Inflammation Associated with the Progression of Osteoarthritis
Supervisor: Dr Susan McGlashan

Grace Gong - Runner up
Title: Structure based design of p110α-selective P13-kinase inhibitors
Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre
Supervisor: Professor Peter Robin Shepherd

Oral presentation - Non-doctoral category winners

Anneke Pranked-Gough - First place
Title: Insights into the functional differences between neutrophils generated by emergency and steady-state granulopoiesis
Molecular Medicine and Pathology
Supervisor: Dr Christopher Hall

Rhoswen Amy Lockwood - Runner up
Title: The contribution of the innate immune system to tumour angiogenesis in zebrafish
Molecular Medicine & Pathology
Supervisor: Dr Jonathan Astin

Angus Tan - Runner up
Title: Development and optimization of a TMC-CSK modified nanoparticulate delivery system for oral delivery of gemcitabine
Supervisor: Dr Jingyuan Wen

Poster presentation winners

Angela Wu - First place
Title: Anti-NMDA receptor subunit 1 antibodies increase excitatory synapse number in primary rat hippocampal neurons
Supervisor: Associate Professor Deborah Young

Helen Murray - Runner up
Title: Optimum post-mortem tissue processing methods for Golgi-staining human hippocampus in studies of plasticity in Alzheimer’s disease
Supervisor: Associate Professor Maurice Curtis

Yukti Vyas - Runner up
Title: Synaptic alternations in autism spectrum disorder-associated Shank2 mutations
Supervisor: Associate Professor Johanna Montgomery