HealtheX 2015

Oral presentation - doctoral category winners

Lily Chang - First place - AMRF Emerging Researcher Award
Title: Window to the central nervous system – Retinal examination for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease
School of Optometry and Vision Science
Supervisor: Dr Monica Acosta

Susann Beier - Runner up
Title: 3D printed flow phantoms for dynamically scaled phase contrast MRI to improve coronary artery disease understanding
Department of Anatomy with Radiology
Supervisor: Professor Alistair Young

Hans Vellara - Runner up
Title: Dynamic biomechanical properties of keratoconic corneas
Department of Ophthalmology
Supervisor: Associate Professor Dipika Patel

Oral presentation - non-doctoral category winners

Michael Tzu Min Wang - First place
Title: Comparison of patient-applied heat therapies for meibomian gland dysfunction: a three-phase evaluation
Department of Ophthalmology
Supervisor: Associate Professor Jennifer Craig

Tim Hsu-Han Wang - Runner up
Title: Loss of Interstitial Cells of Cajal and Patterns of Gastric Dysrhythmia in Chronic Unexplained Nausea and Vomiting
Department of Surgery
: Dr Greg O’Grady

Alistair Lock - Runner up
Title: In Vitro Immunogenicity Screening for Novel Bone Graft Scaffolds
School of Medicine
Supervisor: Dr David Musson

Poster presentation winners

Stephanie Segovia - First place
Title: Conjugated linoleic acid supplementation improves maternal high fat diet-induced programming of metabolic dysfunction in male rat offspring
Liggins Institute
Supervisor: Associate Professor Mark Vickers

Jonathan Rawstorn - Runner up
Title: Breaking barriers: Real-time remote telemonitoring puts exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation at patients’ fingertips
National Institute for Health Innovation
Supervisor: Associate Professor Ralph Maddison

Carl Hume - Runner up
Title: What do women really want from Early Pregnancy Monitoring following fertility treatment?
School of Medicine
Supervisor: Dr Lynsey Cree

Exposure participants

Congratulations to the following high-achieving HealtheX participants who represented the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences at the University-wide student conference, Exposure.

Oral presentation

  • Alistair Lock, supervised by Dr David Musson
  • Chen (Peter) Qiu, supervised by Professor Paul Donaldson
  • Elizabeth Hammond, supervised by Dr Lynsey Cree
  • Grace Gong, supervised by Professor Peter Shepherd
  • Hans Vellara, supervised by Associate Professor Dipika Patel
  • Jamie de Seymour, supervised by Professor Philip Baker
  • Jibin Xu, supervised by Associate Professor Nicola North
  • Lennex Yu, supervised by Dr Sue McGlashan
  • Lily Chang, supervised by Dr Monica Acosta
  • Lotte van den Heuij, supervised by Professor Laura Bennet
  • Lucia Du, supervised by Dr Christopher Hall
  • Madhavi Pandya, supervised by Dr Monica Acosta
  • Mancy Tong, supervised by Professor Larry Chamley
  • Mohanraj Krishnan, supervised by Professor Andrew Shelling
  • Odunayo Rotimi, supervised by Dr Ilva Rupenthal
  • Rachel Dodd, supervised by Associate Professor Alan Davidson
  • Rikus Botha, supervised by Associate Professor Kathy Mountjoy
  • Sarah Gerritsen, supervised by Associate Professor Susan Morton
  • Tiffany Eng, supervised by Professor Philip Crosier
  • Veronica Boyle, supervised by Professor Philip Baker

Poster Presentation

  • Amy Liu, supervised by Professor Sally Poppitt
  • Dedeepya Uppalapati, supervised by Dr Darren Svirskis
  • Dharani Sontam, supervised by Dr Justin O’Sullivan
  • Guanyu Chen, supervised by Dr Jingyuan Wen
  • Haowen Li, supervised by Dr Marie-Louise Ward
  • Helen Murray, supervised by Associate Professor Maurice Curtis
  • Jonathan Rawstorn, supervised by Associate Professor Ralph Maddison
  • Jordan Walsh, supervised by Dr Marie-Louise Ward
  • Marcelli Coronet, supervised by Professor David Cameron-Smith
  • Stephanie Segovia, supervised by Associate Professor Mark Vickers
  • Vandre Figueiredo, supervised by Professor David Cameron-Smith
  • Yohanes Nursalim, supervised by Dr Maggie Kalev-Zylinska
  • Samuel Haysom, supervised by Dr Sue McGlashan