Public Lecture: Heart attack and stroke - Getting the blood flowing again

Date: 15 May

Presented in partnership with the Auckland Medical Research Foundation (AMRF) and the Heart Foundation, the lecture 'Heart Attacks and Stroke: Getting the Blood Flowing Again' saw three of New Zealand’s pre-eminent experts in this area describe how these diseases develop and how they contribute to ill-health. They then described how a revolution in medical technology uses sophisticated techniques to restore blood flow to the heart and brain. Although these developments have transformed the management of strokes and heart attacks, they also pose significant logistical challenges as we try to roll out these options across the country.

Speaker Topic Timestamp
Professor Rob Doughty ‘Heart attacks and strokes – what they are and why they matter’ 4:00
Associate Professor Gerry Devlin ‘Treatment of heart attacks’ 33:53
Professor Alan Barber ‘Pulling out clots to treat strokes’ 53:57