Public Lecture: Improved cancer treatment - A scientific-medical-patient collaboration

Date: 13 June 2018

Cancer treatment continually improves as new drugs seek to exploit consistent differences between cancer cells and normal cells, a process greatly aided by our increasing understanding of patient and cancer genetics, and of the complex interactions between cancers and the body’s immune system.
This information is increasingly allowing the development by clinicians of personalised therapies for individuals. Patients also have vital active roles to play, including donating tissue samples for research and in working with researchers to develop better family and whānau support.

Speaker Topic Timestamp
Distinguished Professor Bill Denny ‘Improving Drugs for Cancer Chemotherapy’ 4:27
Professor Lai-Ming Ching ‘Boosting Our Immune System to Fight Cancer’ 19:44
Professor Cristin Print ‘Genomics for Cancer Patients’ 44:44
Distinguished Professor Bruce Baguley ‘Cancer Patients Benefit Cancer Research’ 58:10
Professor Mark McKeage ‘Personalised Cancer Medicine’ 1:17:17
Professor Merryn Gott ‘Strengthening Family Carers’ 1:33:32