Public Lecture: Living longer - a social revolution

Date: 19 July

The last 50 years have seen profound changes in death rates for several major groups of diseases, particularly heart disease and cancer. A number of changes in lifestyle and healthcare have produced these dramatic effects, which have led to marked increases in life expectancy leading to a dramatic change in age distributions across the population. This lecture looked at what has driven these changes, the challenges created by having a much larger number of elderly individuals, and contrasted this with the continuing challenges which exist in the care of the youngest and most vulnerable members of our community.

Speaker Topic Timestamp
Professor Alistair Woodward ‘Living Longer – the Data’ 3:54
Professor Peter Thorne
‘Living Longer – Look after your hearing and stay connected’
Professor Helen Danesh-Meyer
‘The Eye: Imaging and Imagination?’
Professor Martin Connolly
‘Living Longer – the Consequences’ 1:04:10