Public lecture: Saving babies and improving their life-long health

Date: 21 August 2018

The first 1,000 days, starting before conception, are not only amongst the most perilous in life’s journey, but also are critical for setting the foundations for health through to adulthood. Researchers from the faculty and from the Liggins Institute have contributed enormously to our understanding of fetal and newborn health and of how to decrease some of the risks to the baby during these early vital days.

Speaker Topic Timestamp
Professor Lesley McCowan ‘Maternal sleep position- a modifiable risk factor for stillbirth’ 6:44
Associate Professor Katie Groom ‘Developing therapies for fetal growth restriction’ 20:39
Professor Alistair Gunn ‘Saving Babies’ Brains’ 35:59
Professor Ed Mitchell ‘Preventing sudden infant death: past, present and future’ 48:02
Associate Professor Justin O’Sullivan ‘The microbiome and the lifelong effects of preterm birth’ 1:01:44
Distinguished Professor Jane Harding ‘Keeping babies sweet: blood sugar in newborns’ 1:14:36