Clinical placement students—Privacy information for collection of vaccination status information

This privacy notice relates to the University’s collection of health information about the vaccination status of students on clinical placement.

We need to collect information that identifies you and information about your vaccination status, including the dates you were vaccinated. We have limited the information collected to that which is necessary for the purpose of managing your clinical placement as part of your programme of study.

We will use the information you provide in the form only to coordinate your clinical placement, and meet the requirements of the Ministry of Health (and relevant District Health Boards), to ensure that students on clinical placements do not pose a risk to the public. This will include disclosing information about your specific vaccination status to the relevant clinical service provider (CSP) prior to the commencement of a clinical placement, and generating reports on vaccination numbers for the Ministry of Health or DHBs. We will not use or share this information in any other way, unless this is permitted or required by law.

While you do not have to provide us with the information requested, not doing so will mean:

  • The University will not be in a position to advise the relevant CSP that you have had the vaccinations required to attend the clinical placement
  • The CSP will not therefore be able to accept you on the clinical placement
  • You will not meet the prescribed clinical placement requirements
  • You will not therefore be able to meet the requirements of the programme

You can find more information about the way the University manages personal information in the University’s Privacy Statement, including how to access or correct the personal information we hold about you, and how we keep it secure.