Is it possible to predict dementia by looking at how you walk?

Are you interested in volunteering to take part in a study that aims to analyse walking patterns in different populations of people?

What's involved?

In this study we will be developing an algorithm using smartphone sensors to predict early onset of dementia. Participation in this study involves attending a single 30-45 minute session, where participants will be asked a few questions about their health. Following this you will be asked to walk along a 6m long mat with a smart phone attached to your right leg and around a 50m track twice.

This research will take place at Building 907, Exercise Sciences Building, Newmarket Campus of the University of Auckland.

Participants will be compensated with a $20 Countdown Voucher for their time.

Eligibility criteria

This study is open to people 65 years and older, and Māori and Pacific people 60 years and older, who do not have any disorders or injuries that can affect walking, e.g., athritis, Parkinson's disease.


To take part in this study or find out more, please read the participant information sheet and consent form below before contacting:

Nethra Ganesh
PhD candidate
Phone: 0212679570

This research is approved by the Health and Disability Ethics Committee on 13/2/2019.