Communicating information about illness and treatment

We are looking at how information about gout could be better presented to improve illness and treatment understanding.

Even though you may not know much about gout or do not know anyone with gout, we are interested in what you think about the educational materials we have developed.

What's involved?

We will ask you to attend a 40 minute session at the University of Auckland Clinical Research Centre in Grafton. At the research centre, you will read a short text about gout and fill-out a questionnaire. During the reading time, we will record the movements of your eyes using a contactless eye tracker.

You will receive a $20 Countdown voucher as a thank you for your time.

Eligibility criteria

You can take part in this study if:

  • You are between 18 and 60 years old
  • You have normal vision OR wear contact lenses OR wear glasses but do not require
    glasses to read a standard font (14pt) from a computer screen which is about 50
    cm away
  • You can read a brief text and fill out a questionnaire in English
  • You have not been diagnosed with gout


To find out more about this study, please read the participant information sheet and consent form attached below, before contacting:

Alina Krasnoryadtseva
PhD Candidate
Phone: 09 373 7599 ext. 81256

Approved by the University of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee on 14/08/2019 for three years, Reference Number 023517