Clinical trial for depression

Researchers from the School of Pharmacy are investigating whether a medication currently used to treat nausea could also help with symptoms of depression.

What's involved?

  • One screening visit to the University of Auckland
  • One visit to the University of Auckland for neuropsychological, blood and EEG tests
  • Receiving a single dose of a drug being investigated for depression

Participants will be reimbursed for food and travel costs and will receive a $150 voucher for their time.

Eligibility criteria

You may be eligibile for this study if you are:

  • 18-60 years old
  • Currently depressed
  • Not currently taking antidepressants


To take part in this study or to find out more, please contact the study team:


They will provide you with a copy of the participant information sheet and consent form.

This study has received ethical approval from Northern A Health and Disability Ethics Committee on 8/4/19, reference number 18/NTA/206