Grow baby, grow! Infant growth study

Not much is known about how muscles grow as motor skills develop in babies, but we do know that not all babies are able to develop the same way.

What's involved?

We are conducting a study to measure muscle growth and development in the first year of life (at 1 week, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months of age) in typically developing babies.

Participation involves:

  • Four appointments at the University of Auckland Grafton Campus to monitor your child's muscle growth and motor skill development:
    • At birth (within the first few weeks*)
    • At 3 months of age
    • At 6 months of age
    • At 12 months of age
  • Free MRI scans and motor development assessments
  • $50 assistance for travel

*We appreciate that the first few weeks after the baby is born will be a big adjustment period so we understand if new parents might feel a bit overwhelmed/find it a bit tough to make it to an assessment in the first few weeks, so we do have a ‘late entry’ option at 3 months of age.

Eligibility criteria

We are recruiting both pregnant women and new mothers with babies under 3 months old based in Auckland.


Contact the researchers using the contact details below.

Dr Sian Williams

Dr Ali Mirjalili
Phone: 09 923 7484

Jo Odendaal

Approved by the University of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee on 10-05-18 for three years, reference number 021155