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We can help you recruit participants for research studies conducted at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. Find out more about the options available to you.

Webpage for your study

If you want your study to be advertised, it must have a page on the research study recruitment webpage. To create a webpage for your study, you will need to fill out the FMHS research recruitment form.

Before you fill the form out, please consider the following conditions:

  • You must have a staff login to access this form. Please ask your supervisor to complete this form on your behalf if you don't.
  • We can only create pages for studies funded by the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. Please indicate on the form whether your study has full or partial funding from this faculty. If your study is predominantly funded by another faculty or another university, we advise you to contact the respective marketing team. Refer to the blue boxes for links to other research recruitment webpages within the University of Auckland.
  • Your study must have ethics approval. We will not create pages for studies that do not have ethics approval. 

  • If your ethics approval is awaiting amendments, you must add this in the form under 'Additional information.' We may still create your page, but we won't publish it until the amendment is confirmed. Please notify us of its outcome on

  • The copy for your recruitment page must be finalised. While we can make minor corrections, any major changes to your page will take us longer to action.

Paid Facebook campaigns

If you’d like to have a wider or targeted outreach for your study, we recommend investing in a paid Facebook campaign. These campaigns will reach your audiences on both Facebook and Instagram.

For maximum engagement, we advise you to consider the following:-

  • Amount of money invested in your campaign: the more money you invest in the campaign, the broader its outreach and engagement will be. In the past we've seen advertisements worth $100 and up receiving better engagement.
  • Duration/run-time of your campaign: we recommend a run-time of two to four weeks.
If you are not familiar with paid campaigns, we strongly advise you to get in touch with us  before you fill the below form. Please contact us on

Before you fill the form out, please ensure the following conditions are met:-

  • Your study has a webpage on the FMHS Research recruitment webpage. Please fill out the FMHS research recruitment form first if your study does not have a page. We will not be creating paid campaigns for studies that do not have a webpage.

  • The copy for your Facebook campaign is finalised and compliant with Meta's (Facebook) advertising policies. While we create these campaigns on your behalf, Meta (Facebook) ultimately reserves the right to review and approve your campaign for publication. Please refer to Meta's advertising policies for further information.  

Social media sharing

If you don’t want a paid Facebook campaign to advertise your study, but would like us to share it on the faculty’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, get in touch with us via the link below.

Due to the volume of time-sensitive content we share on these platforms, you should expect up to three weeks for your post to be shared. Please note that we are only able to share each study once.

Please also be advised that your study will only be visible to people who follow the faculty’s Facebook and Twitter accounts and won’t have a wider outreach. If you need to reach more people, we recommend a paid Facebook campaign.