New Zealand Women's perspective on periods and heavy menstrual bleeding

We are looking for New Zealand women to take part in a questionnaire about menstrual periods and heavy menstrual bleeding.

What's involved?

The goal of the survey is to identify and describe the experiences, beliefs, expectations, needs and apprehensions of New Zealand women about their periods in general, and specifically about heavy menstrual bleeding.

The results will help on the implementation and update of the clinical guidelines for the treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding, taking into account the New Zealand women perspective.

To thank you for your time, participants will go into a draw for one of five $50 Westfield vouchers.

Eligibility criteria

We are looking for participants who are:

  • Female
  • Living in New Zealand
  • 18-55 years old


For more information, please read the participant information form by clicking the link below, or contact:

Magdalena Bofill

Approved by the Auckland Human Research Ethics Committee on 15 April 2019 for three years. Reference number 000089.