LINK study: Polyphenol-rich drink for gut and brain health

We are looking for 40 healthy females to take part in a study investigating the effects of a blackcurrant-based, polyphenol-rich drink on markers of the gut-brain axis.

What's involved?

If you choose to participate, you will drink a blackcurrant-based beverage and a placebo beverage daily for four weeks at a time, with a four-week washout period between drinks. You will be asked to maintain your usual diet during the study.

After a screening visit, this study will involve you visiting Grafton Clinical Research Centre on four separate occasions during a 3-month period. We will collect blood and stool samples, and information on your stress reactivity (using questionnaires and a multi-tasking software), mood, and lifestyle (diet, sleep, physical activity).

To thank you for your time and efforts in completing this study, we would like to give you koha (a $100 voucher). You will also receive information on your gut microbiome profile at the end of the study, with insights into how you respond to the intervention.

Eligibility criteria

We are looking for participants who:

  • Are female
  • Aged 18-45 years
  • Live in Auckland
  • Have a BMI between 18-45
  • Have no neurological (e.g. epilepsy, head trauma) or gastrointestinal (e.g. coeliac disease, IBD) disorders
  • Have not been treated for anxiety, depression, or psychiatric disorders in the last two years
  • Have not used antibiotics in the last four weeks

Contact details

If you have any queries about taking part in this study, feel free to get in touch:

Nicola Gilles

To register your interest in participating, please complete the digital form below.

Further information

This study has been approved by the Health and Disability Ethics Committee on 27/05/2022 (2022 EXP 12513).