Taringa Whakarongo

Changes in the delivery of hearing health care services will be guided by your voices.

What's involved?

This Kaupapa Māori research will involve attending a 3-4 hour interview where the researcher will talk with you and follow you through your HHC journey to learn about your lived experiences, and/or a 1-2 hour whānau interview. Kai will be available during interviews and a $100 voucher will be provided for your time and travel.

This study also aims to understand what perspectives health care professionals have of hearing service provision for older Māori and whānau. Three focus groups with 8-10 health care staff per group will be held in Auckland. The first focus group will involve HHC clinical workforce, the second focus group will involve HHC non-clinical workforce, and the third focus group will include Māori Health providers. A $50 voucher will be provided and kai made available for all participants at the focus group sessions.

Eligibility criteria

The following groups of people may take part in this study:

  • Hard of hearing Māori 60-and-above residing in Auckland.
  • Whānau of people 60-and-above who self-identify as Māori with a self-reported hearing loss and reside in Auckland. Whānau included in this study can be whakapapa whānau (members genealogically connected by common ancestors) and/or kaupapa whānau (members with a common purpose or disabling experience who provide supporting and nurturing roles).
  • Clinical and non-clinical hearing health care professionals (Māori and non-Māori) working in Auckland.
  • Māori health professionals who provide health/disability services for hard-of-hearing Māori (60 years and over) in Auckland.


To find out more about this study and/or to take part, please read the appropriate participant information sheet and the consent form attached below, and contact the researcher:

Alehandrea Manuel (Ngāti Porou)
Email: alehandrea.manuel@auckland.ac.nz
Phone: 022 541 3282

Approved by the Auckland Health Research Ethics Committee on 19/06/2019 for three years. Reference number 000100.