Clinical Selection Test: Content, design and how we will use it

In response to the impacts of Covid-19 on clinical programme entry for 2021, we have introduced a Clinical Selection Test.

Who has to sit the CST?

All students enrolled in CHEM 110, BIOSCI 107 or POPLHLTH 111 in Semester One 2020 who are intending to apply for any of the following FMHS undergraduate clinical programmes for 2021 commencement, or who are international or domestic students with conditional offers for these programmes (NB: this is a compulsory requirement for 2021 admission):

International students with a conditional offer for 2021 and domestic applicants with a conditional offer for 2021 are also required to sit the Clinical Selection Test (CST).

NB: Graduate applicants for these clinical programmes, and those applying for BPharm under ‘alternative admissions’ are not required to sit the CST. Please contact if you are unclear about your individual situation.

How will CST be used for MMI and programme selection for First Year/Undergraduate applicants?

The Clinical Programmes each have an ‘Eligibility’ GPA requirement. The CST will not be used for ‘Eligibility’. We will use your official ‘Semester Grade’ for this. We know the CST results have discouraged some students however we encourage you to still apply. Please check the programme ‘Entry Requirements’ tab under the relevant programme webpage (hyperlinked above) for specific requirements.

For MMI invitation and Final Offers, the CST will be weighted against the respective core courses (from Semester One) only. The weighting of this is 60% CST:40% semester grade GPA.

How will CST be used for International or Domestic students with a conditional offer?

The CST will be used in combination with the respective course GPA to assess if you have met your conditional offer requirement. For further information please contact