James Johnston

James is a PhD candidate in Surgery and enjoys researching within the faculty's professional environment of collaboration, mentoring and support.

“My research investigates how we can better understand diseases of the adenoids and tonsils in children. The aim is to reduce the burden of disease for these kids by better understanding what leads them to become unwell in the first place.

“My thesis investigates the nature of microbial involvement in the development of adenotonsillar hyperplasia. I am enjoying the opportunity to contribute to something that can potentially improve the health of many children in the future.

“Research is very different to clinical medicine and gives you the experience to work in a laboratory setting and run your own clinical trials. Having these skills will be advantageous for my future career as a surgeon.

“I am currently training in, otolaryngology, head and neck surgery and am building towards a career in academic surgery. Studying towards a PhD is an enjoyable and necessary step towards this goal.

“The faculty offers a professional environment of collaboration, mentoring and support, which is a valuable aspect for postgraduate students studying here.”