Poutasi W. B. Urale

Poutasi W. B. Urale was attracted to a PhD in optometry because of previous research in the fields of cognitive neuroscience and involuntary eye movements.

“I completed my undergraduate degree at AUT University but decided to come to the University of Auckland because of its reputation for high quality research in cognitive neuroscience.

“I was attracted to the School of Optometry and Vision Science because of the work done on size perception in the brain by cognitive neuroscientist Associate Professor Sam Schwarzkopf, and the fascinating work on involuntary eye-movements by Professor Steven Dakin, a vision scientist.

My PhD investigates the link between eye moments and subjective perception. The quality of my own work is influenced by the deeply-embedded culture of research in the school. There are many academics working here who have been happy to lend their advice and skills to my own work, which has been invaluable.

Poutasi W. B. Urale PhD candidate in Optometry and Vision Science

“I am looking into pursuing a career in academia, but there are also excellent opportunities in the public or private sectors, including market and policy research.

“Doing your PhD can keep you busy and for that reason I think work-life balance is essential, which is why in my time out of the lab I train and compete in the sport of powerlifting.”