Jake Parsons

Jake Parsons is learning about the research that underpins healthcare and makes new treatments possible in his Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science.

"I originally wanted to study medicine (like the majority of Biomed majors), but in second year I stayed in Biomedical Science rather than switching to another major.

"I was interested to find out more about the research that underpins healthcare and makes new treatments possible. My favourite part so far was doing a project in toxicology. It involved picking any compound with toxic effects, writing a brief scientific article, designing a poster, and having a verbal discussion with the lecturer about the compound. This project meant we used a range of skills and I could choose a topic I was personally interested in. I’ve also enjoyed the practical lab work.

I would like a career in healthcare or research where I can innovate and improve peoples’ lives. Biomedical Sciences offers a variety of career outcomes where I can do that.

Jake Parsons Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science

"Growing up in Christchurch meant moving to Auckland by myself was quite an adjustment. I didn’t know many people up here and I had to quickly become independent. Living in halls in first year taught me to make friends, get involved, work hard and manage money.

"I chose the University of Auckland because it has a good reputation in education and because they are active in medical research. It’s been a decision I haven’t regretted."