Colin Chan Chui

Colin Chan Chui is completing the Hikitia Te Ora – Certificate in Health Sciences to help him achieve his dream of eventually becoming a doctor.

“I have aspirations of becoming a doctor so that I may carry out my passion of helping people and in particular, to play a part in helping Māori and Pacific individuals facing poor health issues.

“I was born in Samoa and my home was the beautiful villages of Afega and Fagali’i. My culture and people is something I hold close to my heart and this is my opportunity to give back.

“I decided to complete the Certificate in Health Sciences as I felt it was the best programme to prepare me and increase my chances of getting into Medicine so that I may one day reach my goal of becoming a doctor.

“The programme has a great environment. I found the campus very peaceful and a great place to study. In addition to this, the staff and students are very friendly and easy to get along with.

“The content taught within the programme is also very inspiring and motivating, especially because it was very applicable to my goals and aspirations of making a difference in the health of our Māori and Pacific communities.

“I will be studying Biomedical Sciences next year. The Certificate in Health Sciences has prepared me for my first year in biomedical sciences which I hope may lead me into pursuing a medicine degree.

“I was blessed to have gained a University of Auckland Chancellor’s Award for Top Māori and Pacific Scholars.

“The scholarship not only covers three years of my tuition fees but it has also provided me with $2500. The majority of this money has gone towards transport which was very useful since I live quite a distance from the University.”