Supriya Maharaj

Supriya Maharaj completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Public Health and a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences in Alcohol and Drug Studies. She is now Service Manager at Emerge Aotearoa.

"My role includes delivering a community based, mobile youth addiction service. I manage a team of clinicians and peer support specialists to ensure we deliver effective services, whilst seeking new ways of improving quality.

"My role is varied and interesting. I frequently guest lecture within a number of university faculties, as well as sitting on the Emerge Aotearoa Clinical Governance Group and the DAPAANZ Code of Ethics advisory group.  

Having the public health degree has been useful in all aspects of my career so far, and the clinical speciality has given me good grounding in the field I currently work in.  

Supriya Maharaj Bachelor of Health Science and Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science graduate; Service Manager at Emerge Aotearoa

"I work in an organisation which encourages innovation in social services. My studies have been especially helpful over the past 18 months, as I have been part of setting up a youth addiction service pilot, which is a project I am proud of and now manage. Every day I am drawing on what I learned in university, particularly demonstrating effectiveness from service delivery to high-level perspectives.

"My work is rewarding and my qualifications prepared me well. I chose to study at Faculty of Medical and Health Science because it is the best University in the country, and the amazing staff were always accessible, knowledgeable and personable."