Vanessa Tan Wei Ki

International student Vanessa Tan Wei Ki discovered what the University of Auckland has to offer, from cultural experiences to sport and recreation.

"A close family member passed away of lung cancer. I decided to study medicine, so I could help others and they might not lose their loved ones. I chose the University of Auckland because of its reputation and location.

"I like how the school is situated near the city and where I live in student accommodation. When I get a break from classes, I go out for a meal with friends. I love how Auckland has a variety of food, places and even shopping malls. There are a few places to study and I like studying at the library or the café. It has also been great learning about the Māori culture. During Māori intensive week, I visited a marae and it was very breath-taking.

The best part of the faculty is the people! I like how there is a mixture of New Zealand and international students all together. The staff are also very helpful whenever I need help.

Vanessa Tan Wei Ki Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

"Auckland has a lot to offer for international students.

"I have made lots of friends who are supportive and help me study. I also joined clubs like Singapore Student Association (SSA) and Union of Malaysian Students Association (UMSA). They have lots of activities throughout the year which I enjoy going to. If I have free time, I go dancing at the sport and recreation centre, where you can book rooms for free."