Edrick Sulistio

A scholarship for international students allowed Edrick Sulistio to travel from the USA and study his MBChB in Auckland.

“I received the University of Auckland MBChB Graduate Entry International Student Scholarship, which has helped ease the financial burden in pursuing a medical degree. Both of my parents’ highest qualifications are high school diploma so to be able to pursue this degree on an international level is a blessing I will never forget.

"Moving from the USA to New Zealand was initially quite an adjustment as I did not know anyone here but with the general kindness that New Zealanders have, I have managed to settle in. I enjoy working together with my colleagues in interest groups to hold educational events for medical students.

I chose the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences specifically because of the unique placement allocation which provides real-world practical experience.

Edrick Sulistio Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery student

“There is a constant link between the knowledge we learn in class and the clinical application. The facilities like the Clinical Skill Centre, which is a set up like a hospital ward, and the Physiology Laboratory are great and we can apply our knowledge in a modern real world setting. The lecturers here are passionate about their subject of interest, which resulted me in being ‘infected’ by their passion as well. I will get exposure to a variety of settings, which will allow me to gain more experience to become a better physician.”