Dr Hazel Wilks

Dr Hazel Wilks reflects on the breadth of skills she gained in her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, which help her contribute to promoting justice and equity in Aotearoa.

“I am from Nelson and moved to Auckland to study health sciences, then was accepted into medical school.

“As part of the medical programme, I completed placements at Auckland and Whangarei Hospitals, and then at Rotorua Hospital for my final year where I now work as a junior doctor.

“Learning about population health, inequity, and the determinants of health fuelled my desire to firstly pursue medicine, and now underlie my aim to specialise in General Practice and/or Public Health Medicine. I have developed a passion for Māori and Pacific health as well as for rural communities and those in poverty. Through my career in medicine I can contribute to promoting justice and equity in Aotearoa.

I am thankful to the University for providing me with a quality medical education. My life has been enriched by this and I now enjoy a rewarding career in medicine.

Dr Hazel Wilks MBChB graduate, Postgraduate year 2 House Officer at Rotorua Hospital

““Throughout my degree and work, I have invested in getting to know the communities that I work for, and put kindness at the forefront of my clinical practice - deepening and enriching my interactions with patients, whanau, and colleagues.

“Looking back at myself and my colleagues, it’s inspiring how much growth we attained in the six years of medical school and I’m grateful to have done this.”