Jessica Corrigan

Tight-knit cohorts, friendly staff, and a convenient location near Auckland Hospital are all reasons that Jessica Corrigan enjoys studying the Bachelor of Optometry.

"I always enjoyed science in school, so I knew I wanted to do something along those lines. I studied Biomedical Science and after my first year, I wanted to explore the possible opportunities related to health.

"Optometry was just what caught my eye (no pun intended). It’s a lot more than just glasses. It covers topics like ocular diseases and so much more.

In the optometry programme, you learn clinical skills right from the get-go so you are always applying what you learn in your lectures directly into a practical setting. It’s a great way to learn and you know its real learning for your future career.

Jessica Corrigan Bachelor of Optometry

"A good thing about being in a small class is that you get to know your lecturers and classmates well. The lecturers and even the majority of students in other years are approachable so there is always someone who is willing to help you out with any questions.

"Being a part of the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences has its benefits. We have a campus essentially to ourselves just across from Auckland Hospital. Many of the people you meet are involved in the specialities that you will become involved with as an Optometrist.

"Here, I know I’m getting a quality education and when I’m finished my studies, I know I’m all set to be a pretty darn good optometrist."