Philip Zhang

Phillip Zhang enjoys developing his clinical potential through the Bachelor of Pharmacy's lectures, workshops, labs, placements and projects.

"I wanted to pursue a career where I could work with and build relationships directly with the patients. I choose to study pharmacy here because the curriculum had recently undergone a major rehaul which allows you to develop your clinical potential. We learn things like taking a patient’s blood pressure and helping with vaccination programmes.

"I also like the integrated aspect and how the lectures, workshops and labs intertwine. Work simulations also provide an opportunity to perfect communication and dispensing skills without leaving the classroom.

"I achieved merit with distinction on my pharmacy placement, which is an honour only a select few achieve.

The variety of the placements are amazing because you have the privilege of working in the city and rural community pharmacies as well as get experience in a pharmaceutical company. In these placements, I always try to make a difference in the lives of the people I encounter every day.

Phillip Zhang Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)

In our final year we also take part in a research project, we are interested in, ranging from pharmaceutical, clinical to practice based projects. I undertook my research project with others looking at expanding the roles pharmacy practice in the international context.

Outside of study, I am one of the reps for the Auckland Pharmacy Students Association and I also enjoy attending the many social events here.

The best thing about studying here is the people. Pharmacy is a very tightly knit cohort where students are supportive of each other and tutors invest time in me which makes me to be who I am today.