Giving to Auckland

Generating $4.4 billion of economic benefit annually, the University makes a significant contribution to New Zealand’s economic, as well as social and cultural development.

Our challenge now is to continue to build on our areas of excellence to make an even greater impact for the benefit of humankind. The 'step up' that we need to take can be achieved only with philanthropic support.

Major donations in recent years have had a transformative effect on the University’s ability to deliver world-class research and teaching programmes in a vibrant and exciting intellectual environment.

The University receives philanthropic support in a range of ways:

  • donations and bequests for scholarships and faculty projects
  • annual appeal to alumni
  • applications to community-based trusts and philanthropic business foundations
  • targeted donations from the business community
  • private contributions matched by Government funds for Partnership for Excellence projects.

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The University of Auckland Foundation
The Foundation was established in 2002 as a legally separate entity and is registered with the Charities Commission. Its role is to ensure that donations to the University are appropriately received, invested to maximise returns, and disbursed to the University consistent with the wishes of donors.