Stephen Archer

Mindfulness Works

Stephen Archer is a mindfulness educator and trainer. He is passionate about creating contexts where people can explore mindfulness and discover how it can assist them to access sustainable wellbeing and generate new and transformative perspectives.

Stephen has been involved with mindfulness for over 30 years and began practicing mindfulness meditation while he was completing an honours degree in Eastern religions. He then trained for 13 years as an ordained Buddhist monk in the Thai forest tradition.

His background includes working as a consultant and trainer advising on strategic approaches to workplace wellness, Health and Safety and HR initiatives, and facilitating healthy work and mindful leadership programmes.

He is Director of Mindfulness Training and an associate of Mindfulness Works Training



The Power of Mindfulness in the Workplace - 90 Minute Workshop 

Mindfulness is our natural ability to be fully present. It’s the quality of engagement necessary if we want to bring all of our capabilities to the moment. To practice mindfulness means to orientate ourselves through attention and feeling to what is current in our experience. Often our attention follows restrictive and repetitive patterns, which cause us to focus more on the past or future than what is happening right now. Mindfulness practice enable us to recognise and overcome the many ways that we tend to get caught in rumination, distractions and resistance. It make use of the inherent ability of our mind and body to rebalance and sustain well-being, and discover positive new perspectives, solutions and responses. 

Mindfulness is developed through simple focussing-type practices which involve calming and clearing the restless mind. It utilises powerful and practical methods to deepen awareness and bring attention more fully and positively into the present moment. Mindfulness has been shown in clinical research to increase mental fitness, reduce stress, negative thinking, anxiety, and depression.. 

Learning objectives 

Engage with the theory and practice of mindfulness in order to: 

  • Learn a practical tool to boost self-awareness, mental fitness, health and wellbeing 
  • Improve overall efficiency by increasing focus, learning agility and listening skills 
  • Manage attention and energy more effectively throughout the day 
  • Understand the hindrances to quality thinking 
  • Access the benefits of the relaxation response to deal with stressful situations 

Main contents 

  • Definition of mindfulness and how it works 
  • Understanding of how our state of mind impacts our performance 
  • Practicing attention restoration: utilizing the power of present-moment awareness 
  • A technique to focus and quieten the mind 
  • The balance of being and doing 
  • Intention, perception and choice – how we see things influences how we respond 
  • Moving from a habit-driven perspective to one of clarity and responsiveness 
  • Tips for staying mindful 
Stephen Archer