Internships and work experience


As work readiness and experience become increasingly important, students are turning to internships to gain a competitive edge and get a head start for their career after University.

What is an internship?

Internships come in many different shapes and sizes, but many students look for an internship over summer between their second and third year of university. Some students require a certain number of industry hours to complete their degree (such as those studying for an Engineering degree), take papers that include a placement component, or opt to do an internship purely because they see the value it offers them.

What benefits can running an internship bring to your organisation?

  • The skills and education of talented students.
  • Access to expertise you may not already have in your team.
  • An additional resource for projects.
  • Build a talent pipeline of potential future hires.
  • Showcase your industry and build interest in potential future career paths.
  • Support a positive brand image.
  • Dispel misconceptions students may have about the breadth of your organisation/industry, and the types of students you hire - “Banks only hire Finance grads, right?”
  • Develop advocates of your organisation

What benefits can an internship offer students?

  • The chance to learn more about a potential future job role, department, company and industry.
  • Practising and applying their skills and expertise.
  • Supporting the development of soft-skills and work-readiness.
  • Learning from experienced colleagues.
  • Developing professional networks.
  • Supporting good, well-educated career decisions.
  • Supporting academic achievement through clarity of career goals and aspirations.
  • Boosting employability and potentially fast-track success.

Advertising an internship

There are a number of ways the Employer Engagement team can help promote your internship opportunities. See the Promoting your vacancies page for information.

Want to set up an internship but don’t know where to start?

We are happy to offer advice and guidance to organisations wanting to start or their develop internships. Contact Faith Pallant, Employer Engagement Manager on to talk about how we can help.

Work Experience, Job Shadowing and Site Visits

We understand that some organisations do not have the resources to support internships, but are keen to engage with student in other ways. Offering work experience, job shadowing or site visit opportunities offers some of the same benefits as an internship, but is less committal for both the organisation and student. These activities can also be a pre-curser and pipeline to future internship opportunities.

If you would like to create and / or promote work experience, job shadowing or site visit opportunities for our students, they Employment Engagement team are happy to help. Contact Faith Pallant, Employer Engagement Manager on to discuss.