Alumni: Together we can make a difference

29 June 2017


Jonathan Li wants alumni to know that together, we can make a difference.

Born in Beijing, Jonathan came to New Zealand as an international student in 2002 and studied a Master of Commerce in Financial Accounting. During his time at University and after graduating, he faced some challenges common to international students: a lack of local work experience, cultural differences, the language barrier, a limited network and visa limitations. However, he found a number of people willing to help him with advice and knowledge.

Now, he works at BNZ as a Risk Analyst and is keen to give back through the New Zealand Workplace Insights programme, which connects international students with University alumni.

“Being involved with the Workplace Insights programme has been a great experience. Not only does it keep me connected to the University and students, it also allows me to share some of the experiences and lessons I’ve learnt through the job hunting process. The goal is really to help international students to better understand the New Zealand work environment,” said Jonathan.

“For me, participating in this programme is all about supporting the students to better understand the work environment, talking about what success looks like, building more confidence and expanding networks.”

And the biggest joy?

“For me, it’s the conversations we have and the positive feedback we get from students,” said Jonathan.

Jonathan would like to encourage other University alumni to join the Workplace Insights programme to share their experiences and ultimately help other international students.

If you’d like to sign up for this rewarding programme please email

“Together, we can make a difference.”