Get moving with a career in transport

03 May 2017

Hamish Speakman

Ever thought about a career in the transport industry? If not, it’s time to consider it! There are so many diverse roles available in this cutting-edge industry.

In light of our IPENZ Transport Career Evening coming up, we talked to Hamish Speakman, a University of Auckland Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science (Hons) graduate. Hamish attended this event as a student and now works as a Graduate Transportation Consultant for T2, an Auckland-based consultancy that provides specialist professional services in traffic and transportation engineering.

The role

"My current role involves predominantly providing traffic-related advice to Auckland Council and Auckland Transport,” says Hamish.

This can include tasks such as peer-reviewing traffic reports and assessing proposed developments against the requirements of the Auckland Unitary Plan, project managing the installation of new bus stops and related facilities, undertaking feasibility design studies for cycleway projects, safety audits, and much more.

Hamish first heard about T2 from a guest lecturer from the company.

“I then went to the Transportation Careers event while I was still studying and spoke to the directors of the company about working for the company. I then sent the directors an email asking for an interview, and subsequently had two interviews before securing a position at T2.”

The discoveries

As Hamish continued his studies, his perception of University learning evolved.

“Over the course of studying I realised I was at University to learn skills that could be used across different industries, rather than for a specific type of job or a specific employer. My view on who I could work for changed after that.”

Hamish has found the transport industry diverse, exciting and fulfilling.

“I expected the transport industry to be full of engineers and people that were a bit boring, but I have met a mix of people from a range of backgrounds who are all very funny people. I enjoy working on projects I know will make a contribution to Auckland.”

Hamish's advice

Hamish wants current students to know they should just ‘go for it’ when it comes to applying for jobs, saying “if you don’t give it a try, you’ll never know”.

“I think students in their final year should try to work out what kind of jobs they would like to do or what industries they would like to work in. Students should identify the skills they need to work in that industry and how they've learnt those skills through their tertiary studies. Once they’ve done that, students shouldn’t be scared to apply for industries that do not seem relevant to what they have studied. If you think you have the skills, or can learn the skills, give it a go!”

The future

Hamish is looking forward to learning as much as he can from the transportation industry and would like to continue to be part of a developing plans and strategies for Auckland’s development. We wish you the best, Hamish!

IPENZ Transport Career Evening

If you’re interested in exploring career options in transport, don’t miss the IPENZ Transport Career Evening on 17 May from 5-7pm in the Library Lecture Theatre - Lib109-B28. There will speakers followed by networking with a number of transport employers. Spaces at this event are strictly limited and booking is essential, so please book your place through MyCDES.