Internships: A world of possibilities

07 July 2017


Introducing Taru Naug, a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours - Mechatronics) student completing an internship at ANZ. Want to get your own internship? Read on about his experiences and advice.  

The discovery process

“I found out about the ANZ Internship quite accidently on LinkedIn when it came up as a suggested job,” said Taru.

He then looked into the opportunity and realised ANZ doesn’t just employ finance students, so he decided to apply and was successful. Discovering the scale of technology use in the sector has been a highlight for Taru.

“Banks nowadays have a huge technological focus, and things we take for granted, like the ANZ goMoney app and internet banking, are developed and maintained here in New Zealand.”

“Something like upgrading our computers to Windows 10 takes on a whole new meaning when you need to do the same thing for every employee of the bank. Seeing how technology and banking is moving forward together has been eye-opening and inspiring.”

Applying your skills in the workplace

A key part of the process for Taru was realising that his engineering skills could be applied to a wider range of industries than he’d initially thought.

“I was quite narrow-minded as to what University had prepared me for - as a Mechatronics student I assumed it was robots and digital devices. Understanding and translating my technical skills and knowledge to be useful was a bit of a learning curve, but it was surprising what University had prepared me for. Having great people around me to learn from and provide guidance was essential to this and I can’t thank the team enough.”

At ANZ, Taru has learnt a lot about managing large-scale projects and the different skills required to do so, as in large organisations "every cog in the machine relies on another". Going forward, Taru says he has a deeper appreciation for how much technology influences our lives.

“The last place I thought I would find such a buzz around technology was at a bank. But ANZ is working more than I could have imagined on keeping their technology leading-edge, which includes researching new technologies, selecting what to adopt, preparing for possible changes and constantly being vigilant toward new threats and risks."

Getting an internship

If you’re interested in pursuing an internship at ANZ, Taru recommends you have a close look at what they do with an open mind. With internships offered in many different sectors, you never know where you might fit until you start looking.  

“In terms of technology, it is not the usual place for engineers or computer science students, but I would highly recommend it.”

Taru also recommends thinking about your personal banking experience, as ANZ wants to improve this experience in any way possible.

“Think about everything from the goMoney App, through to internet banking, branches, sending money worldwide and maybe at the end of the day the $5 you have in your wallet to grab a coffee. 

This experience is changing and being improved constantly. You can bet that the banks will be on the next big thing in technology.”

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