CDES Staff Profile: Georgia Basagre

31 October 2018
Georgia Basagre
Georgia Basagre

"Like many people, I found myself in a career in events through a series of accidents – that turned out to be happy ones. When I didn’t get into the graphic design course I had my heart set on, a BA in Event Management and Marketing was where I landed. I was looking for a creative outlet in design, but events give tons of space for creativity too: we control the entire audience experience and can be innovative in how we make messages memorable to them. It’s such a good feeling to see events come to life as the behind-the-scenes logistics roll out in real time and I know I’ve done a great job when I overhear students talking about what a great event it is.

"When I first started looking for jobs, I didn’t really have the confidence to be expressive – I knew what I liked and disliked, but beyond that, I just discovered my path as it unfolded. If I could go back in time, I’d start by giving myself a pep-talk: 'Don’t hold back, everyone you know started somewhere and your journey will be different. Dig deeper into your values and what you really want from a job. Your first job will be your stepping stone to something great and you are in control!'"

- Georgia Basagre, Employer Event Coordinator, CDES