CDES Staff Profile: Martin Read

01 November 2018
Martin Read
Martin Read

"When I was at university, I was in a rush to finish my studies as soon as possible and get out into the working world. But for me, the reality of work life wasn’t quite what I had anticipated. Wearing a shirt and tie every day was new for me when I moved to Auckland from Wellington to start my first full-time job at an international shipping company, and to be honest, it took some time to get used to it. Luckily, I had a great manager who worked hard to build a close team and create an environment where everyone supported each other, and eventually I found my feet. 

"It’s good to remind yourself that life is a long game: when you leave university there are decades of work ahead of you, so there’s no need to rush. What I majored in at university has shaped me, but it doesn’t have to define what I do for the rest of my life. I took some time out to do some traveling and now I’m working for the University and finishing a post-grad degree in the evenings. At student events, I always try to watch out for the ones who are shy and reserved, like me. I know it takes a lot to put yourself out there by attending events or meeting employers, and I love getting to help them out where I can. It’s a great thing to watch their futures unfold, like mine still is. Exciting things are ahead!"

- Martin Read, Employer Engagement Assistant, CDES