CDES Employer Profile: Diana Savoy

24 January 2019
Diana Savoy, Operations Manager at Frequency
Diana Savoy, Operations Manager at Frequency

Diana Savoy from Frequency shares her experience working with interns.

"I’m the Operations Manager at a very cool entrepreneurial company called Frequency. It’s a small project management and project advisory firm who help clients plan, construct and maintain infrastructure, buildings and environments. We’re innovative and ambitious – we’re keen to change and impact NZ’s property and construction sectors. I love my job as I’m involved in everything – from HR to IT, marketing and admin. It’s really diverse and I have a lot of freedom and encouragement to develop my areas.

Frequency has a long-standing relationship with Career Development and Employability Services (CDES) at the University of Auckland which started before my time at the company. Our first graduate hire was Jin Su, who is outstanding, so we felt excited to continue taking on graduates.

We’ve had a stall at the CDES career expos regularly, where we often have over 40 great graduate applicants, we’ve also advertised multiple times on the CDES hiring platforms.

We continue to recruit University of Auckland graduates as we’re really impressed with the standards of the grads we’ve hired so far. They are confident, ready to learn, technically competent and put in a huge amount of effort. They add a different lens to our work lives and our clients. We welcome the diversity they bring to Frequency.

It’s so vital for students to gain work experience during their studies. When we hire a graduate, we expect them to be up and running quickly (with support, of course). We need them to have a level of maturity and confidence which comes from their experiences in the workplace.

Recently, we hired three more graduates: Morag Ross, Antony Yu and David Fraser. We also have two interns – one a 2nd year engineering student (Daan Van der Have), and the other a tech masters student (Jason Bakthakumar). Thanks, CDES!

We want to invest in our graduates and give them the best experience, plus the time they deserve, for their development. For example, Jin Su has become invaluable to our housing team and is our resident expert on the Housing NZ contract. Morag Ross helped run a very successful commercial job for ASB. She’s managed to control one of our most experienced project managers, who is a character and now relies on her. She’s done so well she’s moved to administer our contract with Spark. Antony Yu arrived at the right time and supported our project controls team in the transport sector. He’s just been asked to support our team in Tauranga with Ministry of Education work. David Fraser joined us at the end of last year and has been taken under the wing of one of our Associates working for Foodstuffs.

I hope all of our grads gain something different from their time with us at Frequency. We try hard to give them varied experience with clients and services - like project and contract management as well as project controls. We support this with regular forums on different subjects. We want them to work with team members of different levels so they get a bit of everything. I don’t know where we’d be without them!"